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Good architecture is uplifting to live with. It can be complicated, exciting and stimulating... but it doesn't have to be. It can also just as easily be simple, modest and restful. That's it's beauty and it's ability. It has much to do and, at it's best, it just makes us feel... a little better. Successful architecture must care for the practical and the mundane but set it in an environment that lifts the spirit. Unless it is purposely temporary (which it can be) good architecture should also be enduring. Whatever the first impressions, it should continue to provide solutions for daily living, year after year. This is especially so for our homes when the impact of a first look soon fades into the reality of the daily routine and a downturn in the weather. This is why at NWD we don't put too much store by the buzzwords and the appetite for chasing a 'wow-factor' simply for it's own merits. Certainly architecture can impress but we don't think that should be it's main motivation. It's about doing the right thing not just the impressive thing.

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Understanding Process

Durable architecture needs to fully consider the problems to be solved; the context of the site; the financial restraints; the constraints of conservation and heritage; the personality of the client and then bring these together to form a successful design. For this reason, we at NWD have learned over the past 30yrs to love understated 'buzzwords' like...'appropriate'. Oh how we love 'appropriate'. It can, by turns, allow a design to be exciting if required or calm if required. It could be the appropriate thing to be subservient or to add a flourish. To be restrained or indulgent. We always try to do the right thing by our clients and their buildings.

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