Interior Design in Swindon

NWD are not interior designers but we do understand the value of good interior design.

Interior Design

Where the brief allows we look to provide an architectural & geometrical stage-set within which an Interior Designer can perform. Perhaps that sounds too disconnected because some of the most successful projects come from genuine collaboration. NWD have worked extensively for, and with, Pippa Paton Design Ltd providing architectural design & support. On occasion these collaborations have even produced an actual playground right in the heart of a family home. For other clients it has been a more elegant, or a more restful scheme that they seek. Whatever the brief NWD work hard to support PPD Ltd in their aim... to give clients the feeling that they have truly 'come home'.

Pippa Paton Design

The added value of including interior design into a scheme can be seen by viewing examples from the team at Pippa Paton Design:

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