Project Management in Swindon

A good design is one important part of a successful project but it is only... one part.

Project Management

There are many elements to bring together to make the building and many areas of expertise to blend to make the project team. NWD have assisted many clients in managing the project through it's duration. However, it's not all or nothing with us. We are content to vary the degree of management given depending on the amount of assistance a client requires. We appreciate that some clients will only take on one or two of these projects in their lifetime and may be keen to be as engaged as possible with only a little hand-holding. On the other hand some clients are more than happy to offload the project management and try to reduce their stress levels.

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NWD Design Ltd

Programmes and flowcharts are useful tools but they are only that. These tools need to be underpinned by a genuine understanding of the construction process. Programming is not successful without an appreciation of how the stages need to overlap; how a current decision impacts on a future decision; what drives the concerns, decisions and reactions of each member of the design & construction team; how to prioritise when the requirements of individuals seem to conflict. We believe that decades of experience helps us in this regard with programming but also, perhaps more importantly, with overcoming the unexpected issues that will undoubtedly arise in the course of a building project.

Our Reputation

The enthusiasm of the client is a very important ingredient in the project and we aim to keep that enthusiasm as buoyant as possible through what can be a stressful process. We have a reputation for maintaining a calm, considered approach to project management. We don’t panic and we don’t scream.